The roots of our company date back to the 1930’s.


Towed barges

During this period Gerard (“Grandpa”) Gommers was one of the most renowned towboat agents of the Drechtsteden.

Back then there were almost no motorized barges; these non-motorized barges were called towed barges. These came in various shapes and sizes. After the boat master had accepted the cargo on the shipping-exchange, he had to rely upon a towboat to be towed from the quay berth to the loading berth. After being loaded these towed barges were mostly shipped to a central hub, for instance Dordrecht. From there on out these were to be towed behind a more powerful towboat to various destinations at home and abroad; for this purpose people were at the right address with Gommers.

The shipping-exchange

Later on “Grandpa’s” son, Gerard Gommers Jr., was to become part of these towing activities as well. However before long the barges were to be equipped with a main engine decreasing the use of towboats in the following years.

Gerard Gommers adapted to these developments and eventually started a freight clearing house on the shipping-exchange in Rotterdam, located at the stock exchange in Rotterdam. The activities increased even further as a result of which the team was expanded with Theo Heijmen. Together they expanded the company even more whereby a solid team is still active to this very day. Meanwhile a third generation Gommers is working in the company, as well as a second generation Heijmen.


In 1988 the shipping-exchange was dissolved, forcing us to find a new location. In 1999 it was decided to trade the shipping-exchange for our current location in Zwijndrecht. One of the main advantages is that we have gotten more workspace. The building is located directly at the river (next to the Zwijndrechtse bridge). Every day we see our extended modern fleet of, which emphasizes yet again our involvement in our work.

In short, a company with a lot of expertise and a rich history.

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