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Our activities are directed at the transportation of dry cargo for river transportation, mainly the loading thereof (i.e. the intermediation between cargo suppliers and boat masters). But we also provide other activities, such as warehousing, transshipment and documentation, as well as relating you to well-suited third parties.

Some examples of dry cargo:
–    Bulk cargo (coals, ores, cattle-fodder, minerals, ferro’s, etc.)
–    Containers
–    Construction
–    Project loads

All employees have been active in the river transport for years, allowing them to possess over a vast knowledge and experience in this sector. Furthermore we are connected to a large number of suppliers and also possess over a large fleet of ships for all kinds of tonnages. Our field of activity covers all European waterways. This enables us to always find you a suitable solution and give you solid advice.

We also have at our disposal a separate administration department. This allows us to advise or arrange for you anything in the fields of administration, organization, taxation and insurance.

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